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A: If your claim is under $3,000, you may be able to handle the loss without the services of Public Adjuster. If you have a few questions, call or e-mail us, there is no charge. If your loss is over $3,000 or is a complicated claim, call with any questions or for a Public Adjuster to inspect your damages, again at no charge.

A: You pay absolutely nothing out of pocket!! A Public Adjuster’s compensation is a small percentage of the insurer’s claim payments that are made to you. The Public Adjuster’s fees are more than covered by the larger settlement they have obtained for you. Remember, if there is no settlement, there is no fee.

A: NO! In fact on complicated losses the company prefers to work with a Public Adjuster because we do most of the work necessary to settle the claim allowing the adjuster to review our work. Besides that, it is illegal to cancel your policy just for using our services.

A: Again the answer is NO. Since we know what information your company needs, we provide all the necessary documentation to settle your loss in an expedient manner. We know the process.

A: You can if you are an expert in property insurance, construction and have an adjuster’s license. Just don’t be disappointed if your loss settles for less than half of its value should you have used our services. You can also handle your own defense in a court of law, but how many of us would walk into a courtroom without an attorney?

A: Chances are if you don’t use a Public Adjuster you will not have enough money. On many occasions Public Adjusters are able to double and triple the settlement money your company pays you!

A: No. A public Adjuster can re-open your claim and start negotiating with your insurance company to obtain a higher settlement. However once you have been paid it becomes a bit more difficult. This is the reason it is best to hire a Public Adjuster from the very beginning.

A: Contact our firm by telephone (215)651-6000 in Pennsylvania or (609)840-6915 in New Jersey or via our contact page and request a free review of your loss. You will need a copy of your insurance policy. If you do not have a copy, you can usually obtain it from your insurance agent with a simple telephone call. We examine your damage and analyze your policy. After this we will then advise you whether or not it is in your best interest to hire a Public Adjuster or for that matter file a claim. These services are available at no fee. If we believe that we can indeed help you significantly maximize your settlement, then you retain our services by signing a document allowing us to represent you and we take care of everything from there

A: Hire the one who has successfully handled insurance related matters in the past. Conduct a personal interview with the shortlisted public adjusters and ask them to provide you a few references. Talk to the references. Also, make sure that you do check the license status of these public adjusters before making a decision.

A: Filing an insurance claim can prove to be quite a daunting task, especially if you are residing in New Jersey or Philadelphia. Most of the insurance companies would try to minimize your insurance claims. Only a professional and experienced public adjuster can help you win the claim you truly deserve.

A: Pro Adjust knows the process of insurance claims adjusting inside out. We work exclusively for our clients throughout the process and ensure that they get their claim in a short time span. Our highly experienced and skilled team of public adjusters enjoys an outstanding reputation in New Jersey and Philadelphia. With years of industry experience behind us, we know what it takes to maximize your claim. We have successfully handled a variety of complex claims in the past. Our expertise, professionalism, experience and dedication will help.

A: We are available 24 hours/7 days for emergencies.

A: Our fees are as follows:

20% of the first $50,000

15% from $51,000- $99,000

10% over $100,000

A: The answer varies by insurance company. Each policy is different

A: No, besides that, they wouldn’t pay it. However we ask them to pay ALL the money that you are entitled to for your loss.

A: No, in fact I believe they prefer it. We prepare the claim in its entirety, making the process easier for their adjuster.

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