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7 Claims Secrets

There’s a lot insurance companies don’t want you to know. I was an insurance broker; I know the games being played to reduce your claim.
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Actual Settlements

Please don’t settle for what the insurance adjuster offers. Why? Read more. We often get 2x or 3x because we know the truth. See some examples

Got a property claim?

Chances are if viewing this site, you are currently involved in a property claim, at your business, residence or vacation home.
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Why ProAdjust?

The insurance companies say: “Don’t hire a public adjuster, you’re just throwing your money away,'” and “We will pay your claim anyway.” Don’t believe it! Read more

What our clients say

“I expected Mike to blast the insurance adjuster, but instead they shook hands and handled my claim quickly and fairly and I received a great settlement. More reviews

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