What are the best and worst homeowner’s insurance companies when you actually have to file a claim?

I’ve worked with insurance companies for over 30 years, and I work with them when the chips are down; when they either do the right thing or try every trick in the book to keep you from getting what you … Continue reading

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What is the Difference between HO-2 – “Named Peril” and HO-3- “All Risk” homeowner insurance policies?

Now for more “insurance lingo” explanations Nowadays, the typical Homeowner’s policy comes in two basic forms, an HO-2 and an HO-3. For better or worse, an HO-3 policy is referred to in the business as an “All Risk” policy. This … Continue reading

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What winter damage is usually covered and what is not covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy?

Wind damage If rain or snow enters your home or business through the area caused by the WIND DAMAGE, you are most likely COVERED. For example: if a tree breaks through your roof, and rain destroys your bedroom, the roof … Continue reading

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Hail, Hail, Hail

If you have suffered hail damage from the recent storms, please remember the Latin words “Caveat Emptor” or LET THE BUYER BE AWARE. You are now going to embark on a new mission; filing a homeowners insurance claim. Even though … Continue reading

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The choice is yours – be articulate in hiring a public adjuster

Choices, choices, choices. How does one choose a public adjuster? Do we hire the first adjuster we speak with, or do we interview a few before choosing? What is a fair fee? How large is our claim? These are all … Continue reading

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Public Adjuster Agencies Look Forward to a Booming Industry

A recently released market research report from IBISWorld has good news for insurance claim adjusters and the industry overall. This is due to the increasing practice of outsourcing claims processing as well as related administrative services. As a result, this … Continue reading

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Do You Need a Public Adjuster?

Annoyed and irritated because your insurance company isn’t moving as fast with that claim check as you would like them to? Or is their offer is less than you need to cover your losses? Suspicious that you are not getting … Continue reading

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Public Adjusters help with your property claim

Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjuster

When you buy insurance, the claims process sounds very simple: you suffer a loss, file a claim and get your money. If it really was this simple then there would be no need for a public adjuster. In general, insurance companies will … Continue reading

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