25907972_sProAdjust will handle every aspect of your residential, commercial or industrial loss.

We will have a pretty good idea of the settlement range when we meet with you. If we do not feel we can get you a settlement that is better than you can do yourself, we will tell you.

Our services include:

  • Reporting of your claim
  • Preparation of building estimates
  • Inventory of personal property
  • Meeting and negotiating with the company adjuster
  • Settling the claim fairly and in your best interest!

Types of claims we handle

  • Theft & Vandalism: Being a victim of theft or vandalism is a highly distressing situation for any individual. Here at ProAdjust, we work together as a team to take care of all the tasks including gathering of police reports, thorough evaluation of your financial loss and any other related tasks that will help us maximize your insurance claims.
  • Hurricanes: Nature’s destructive fury can have the most devastating impacts on the lives of individuals. Being a highly experienced and professional New Jersey and Philadelphia based independent public adjuster company, we have successfully dealt with numerous hurricane-related insurance claims.
  • Fire Damage: Most of the fire damage related cases are quite complex in nature. It takes comprehensive investigation and expertise to win a claim against your insurance company. Our detailed investigation will do the job for you.
  • Flood & Water Damage: Insurance contracts clearly distinguish between flood and water damage. Our thorough assessment of the loss will help you furnish the proofs in the right manner.
  • Lightning, Storm and Hail: The evaluation of loss due to lightning or any thunderstorm is a tedious task. Our highly efficient team of public adjusters will help you find the most efficient way to deal with such cases.