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Mike Bruckner, Founder

So Why is Mike Bruckner the Expert Public Adjuster Insurance Companies Dread?
Because they know his estimates are detailed by line item and take into account all damages including collateral. That’s because insurance companies know they will get an accurate claim with justifiable costs, following the letter of the insurance policy, with impeccable support documents. This makes it almost impossible for the insurance companies to reduce the final claim amount.

A unique blend of insurance industry secrets & real construction numbers
These are the two areas that create the force called Mike Bruckner. Mike owned Bruckner Insurance Associates and was an insurance broker for 19 years. He was the president of Spring Mountain Builders, for 10 years. This gives Mike a laser focus through the “smoke and mirrors” to get to the facts. It really is like getting an ex-IRS agent to represent you against the IRS

Unparalleled experience among other Public adjusters
To become a licensed Public Adjuster in PA, all you need is a high school diploma and a passing grade on the licensing exam. So, Public Adjusters gain “street credibility” by their in-depth understanding of what works. And Mike has so much combined knowledge that he is called on to be a legal expert to provide expert legal opinions, he is called on by negotiators to serve as an “arbitrator” in claims disputes, and even answers questions for new public Adjusters who want to do the right thing by their clients.

Obsessed with protecting the little guy
Nothing angers Mike more than a huge corporation “bullying” an uninformed claimant. Mike is always there to give advice to consumers, business organization, other public adjusters, business owners, anyone who feels that are not getting a fair shake from insurance companies. He has discussed Insurance Consumer Rights on the Television show, American Law Journal, WFMZ Allentown, PA

Fight back with Consumer Education
He answers caller insurance questions on the Radio talk show called “Premium Coverage – “where the insurance spin stops.” And as he says all the time, 
“The lingo stops here.


They know we will get the highest claim settlement allowable.
They know us. They know our claims. They know how impeccably prepared they are. They know that it’s difficult to find holes, play games, throw blankets on our claims. So, like a used car salesmen who has run out of psychological tricks, they are left to pay.

We know how insurance works
Our current president, Mike Bruckner was an insurance broker, builder, and company adjuster with over 30 years experience. He was trained by the insurance companies and given proprietary information that was never meant to be shared with the public. In other words, he knows their “secrets.” Do you think YOU might have an advantage with Mike on YOUR side? Wouldn’t you want your taxes prepared by an ex-IRS agent who was looking out for your best interest? We know how the “other side” thinks. Let us work for you!

We know what things really cost to rebuild
Unlike most public adjusters, Mike Bruckner has worked extensively in the insurance industry, giving him an inside perspective and an edge when handling claims. His experience in the construction industry as a builder and developer prevents insurance companies from misrepresenting construction costs.

We’re on your side
When dealing with such unfortunate events as property losses, your emotions may hinder your chances of a fair recovery. When you hire ProAdjust to represent you, we are truly your partner-experts in the field of property insurance adjusting.

We handle the hard stuff
ProAdjust is solely focused on getting you the maximum amount for your claim and we handle the entire process for you. We understand that your life may have been disrupted and we want to get you back on track as quickly as possible. We are available 24 hours a day and always return calls promptly.

We handle business and residential claims in the tri-state area
ProAdjust is a U.S. Corporation licensed by the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. We are bonded in all required states. ProAdjust was incorporated in 1998.

Our Values

We will get you what your insurance policy promises
We play by the rules
We treat all parties with professional courtesy
We will give you our honest opinion on whether we can make a difference in your claim
We will not drown you in insurance jargon
We are leaders in our field

Founding Members of the National Insurance Consumer Group – I.C.A.N.
Members of the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, a national association of expert public adjusters
Members of M.A.P.I.A (Mid-Atlantic Public Insurance Adjusters), a regional association of public adjusters
Certified as “Expert in insurance and construction” in Municipal, State and Federal courts
Umpire and Appraiser regarding property claim disputes
Professional Legal Expert
Due to their in-depth knowledge of the claims process, the construction process, and the insurance industry, Mike Bruckner is often called upon as expert witnesses in legal cases against insurance companies.

If your attorney needs an expert in the field of insurance or property claims we can help. If you are an attorney and just are not quite sure of the best and most efficient way to proceed, give us a call. Initial consultations are without charge. We also work with TASA (an expert service for attorneys) and testify in multiple states as an expert in the fields of insurance claim practices and construction.

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