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Chances are, if viewing this site, you are currently involved in a property claim of some kind, at your business or residence/ vacation home.

Just remember, most people who have a property claim have little or no idea regarding the claims process. If you do not know the process, then how would you know if you are being compensated fairly?

An insurance company adjuster works for the insurance company
The insurance company adjuster has been formally trained in the handling of property losses and has been given further proprietary instructions in ways to keep the claim minimized. Minimized means paying the minimum or least amount.

When the insurance company adjuster asks you a series of questions regarding your loss, he is looking for slips of the tongue or ways to minimize your loss. There is an industry acronym for the adjustment process commonly referred to as TEGWAR. This stands for The Exciting Game Without Any Rules. As you have little or no idea of the adjustment rules, how could you be your own best advocate?

A Public Insurance Adjuster work for you
Remember Public Adjusters represent YOU, not the insurance company. In many losses, our company has doubled, tripled, and on occasion, quadrupled the initial offer made to the policyholder (you). Here are actual settlements. Seeing is believing!

A great analogy would be: if you were arrested and required to appear in a court of law, would you represent yourself or hire an attorney?

You pick your Public Adjuster – not your insurance company
They cannot dictate who you can work with. And just like all attorneys are not the same, all public adjusters are not alike.

Of course, we believe we have more experience and integrity than others
We handle thousands of property losses. We have intimate knowledge of the adjustment process. Because we were formally trained by the insurance companies, we have the answers you seek on how to get the highest settlement for your loss.

You can get an expert consultation with no obligation
If you believe your claim is under $3,000 you may be able to handle this loss on your own (perhaps with a little assistance from our staff). There is no fee for telephone or e-mail assistance.

If you believe your loss is over $3,000 you probably need our assistance. Call or e-mail today and tell us about your particular situation. We will then provide options available to you.

Do you need an expert opinion now? Call 215-641-6000 or contact us. You have a legal right to get help.

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