Why ProAdjust

You have a legal right to get help
We are the experienced professionals the insurance companies respect the most. The insurance companies tell their claimants, “There is no reason to hire a public adjuster, you are ‘throwing your money away,’ and “We will pay your claim anyway.” If the insurance companies’ statements are true, then there would be no need for state licensed public adjusters.

We negotiate for you
Don’t be misled. The insurance adjuster you may have already met, or are about to meet, works for the insurance company. We at ProAdjust are independent public adjusters. We work for you and only you!

We know your rights
Unlike the adjuster assigned by your insurance company, our independent adjusters are there to negotiate for you! In the simplest terms, ProAdjust can assist you with your claim in much the same way that an accountant helps with your taxes or an attorney that provides legal services.

Why? They know we will get the highest claim settlement allowable by law
They know us. They know our claims. They know how impeccably prepared they are. They know that it’s difficult to find holes, play games, throw blankets on our claims. So like a used car salesmen out of psychological tricks, they are left to pay.

We know the games insurance companies play
Previously, our founder, Mike Bruckner, was an insurance broker, and a builder. He was trained by the insurance companies and given proprietary information that was never meant to be shared with the public. In other words, he knows their “dirty little secrets.” He knows how this business works. He can see through the smoke screens.

We don’t give in
One tactic of unscrupulous insurance companies is to constantly make you resubmit your paperwork for more and more detail that you can’t get, or isn’t necessary. Of course you are afraid that they hold all the cards, and you won’t get your money. Finally, in exhaustion, you give in. We don’t.

We have a reputation for integrity
Our professionalism and accuracy is irrefutable. And most important, we play by the rules. There are only so many insurance companies and so many insurance adjusters in the tri-state area. We’ve probably worked with them all. They know our estimates are accurate and reasonable. They respect this fact.