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mikesBrucknerHeadshotThe expert public adjuster insurance companies dread
Why? Because they know his estimates are detailed by line item and take into account all damages including collateral. That’s because insurance companies know they will get an accurate claim with justifiable costs, following the letter of the insurance policy, with impeccable support documents. This makes it almost impossible for the insurance companies to reduce the final claim amount.

A unique blend of insurance industry secrets & real construction numbers
These are the two areas that create the force called Mike Bruckner. Mike owned Bruckner Insurance Associates, and was an insurance broker for 19 years. He was the president of Spring Mountain Builders, for 10 years. This gives Mike a laser focus through the “smoke and mirrors” to get to the facts. It really is like getting an ex-IRS agent to represent you against the IRS

Unparalleled experience among other Public adjusters
To become a licensed Public Adjuster in PA, all you need is a high school diploma and a passing grade on the licensing exam. So, Public Adjusters gain “street credibility” by their in-depth understanding of what works. And Mike has so much combined knowledge that he is called on to be a legal expert to provide expert legal opinions , he is called on by negotiators to serve as an “arbitrator” in claims disputes, and even answers questions for new public Adjusters who want to do the right thing by their clients.

Obsessed with protecting the little guy
Nothing angers Mike more than a huge corporation “bullying” an uninformed claimant. Mike is always there to give advice to consumers, business organization, other public adjusters, business owners, anyone who feels that are not getting a fair shake from insurance companies. He has discussed Insurance Consumer Rights on the Television show, American Law Journal, WFMZ Allentown, PA

Fight back with Consumer Education
He answers caller insurance questions on the Radio talk show called “Premium Coverage – “where the insurance spin stops.” And as he says all the time, “The lingo stops here.” See Outreach

Professional Designations

  • Public Adjuster, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, NC, SC and Georgia
  • Flood Adjuster
  • Certified as “Expert in insurance and construction” in municipal, state and federal courts
  • Pennsylvania Licensed Insurance Producer

Professional Affiliations

  • Founding Member Insurance Consumer Advocate Network, ICAN.com
  • Member American Association of Public Adjusters
  • Past member Professional Insurance Agents PIA
  • Past member LUTC life council
  • CatAdjusters.org

Continuing Education for Public Adjusters License

  • PA Dept. of Insurance
  • Public Insurance Adjusters
  • Annual Claims Conferences

Requested Speaker for Consumer Advocacy Presentations – see Outreach

  • Appearances discussing Insurance Consumer Rights on the Television show, American Law Journal, WFMZ Allentown, PA
  • Public speaking- Insurance Consumer Advocacy programs
  • Unisys Corporation- Insurance and Risk Management
  • Presentations to various municipalities regarding insurance risk management and the claims process