Hail, Hail, Hail

hailstonesWgoldBallsIf you have suffered hail damage from the recent storms, please remember the Latin words “Caveat Emptor” or LET THE BUYER BE AWARE.

You are now going to embark on a new mission; filing a homeowners insurance claim.

Even though you and I know there was significant hail in the tri-state area, the company adjuster might not believe this. He might believe you are just another policyholder trying to get money from your insurance company…well you are trying to get money from your insurance company!

The stories have already started, I have heard from many clients that the company adjuster does not want to pay them for all their damages. What would you expect…your insurance company to start handing out money…they’ll go broke!! You have a contract (insurance policy) with your insurance company, yet no one seems to know just what is and what’s not covered.

Based on this information, how could the average person negotiate a fair settlement with their insurance company? My industry already knows just how the companies will react. Some people will try to fight their own battle until they just run out of steam. Many others will just accept whatever their insurance company says. Sheeple (people led like sheep) have the herd mentality, don’t give in…fight for your rights and what is fair. You can do it!!

Please remember, our fee is the same whether we handle your claim from the beginning or get involved at a later time. Why not avoid the aggravation and contact us from the beginning?

HAIL to the great Public Adjuster Have a nice evening

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on my blog are just that, my opinion. After 35 years in this industry I have decided to share my experience both on the radio and this blog. I hope it is informative and helpful in your quest to find the truth about Public Adjusting.


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