The choice is yours – be articulate in hiring a public adjuster

confusedChoices, choices, choices. How does one choose a public adjuster? Do we hire the first adjuster we speak with, or do we interview a few before choosing? What is a fair fee? How large is our claim? These are all good questions. The problem becomes WHO do I hire? Interview a few and ask for references. 
It is very important that anyone in need of a Public Adjuster to do a little homework BEFORE they hire an adjuster. There are many good PA’s out there, you just need to find them.

Fees: If the proposed fees are higher than 25%, I suggest you move on to another adjuster. 25% is the MAXIMUM. This applies to losses up to $ 50,000. Over $50,000 but less than
$ 100,000 a fee of 15%-20% is acceptable. losses over $100,000 are usually 10%-15%. Losses over $ 500,000 are negotiable. Our fees are posted below.

References: Ask for current references on similar claims. Call the references!!

Sounds like a lot of work, but after I read some of the reviews for local public adjusters it seemed they all had one thing in common; they didn’t really know who they were dealing with Before they signed the contract.

Don’t be pressured!!

Our Fees
 $5,000 – 49,000 20%
   $50,000 – $99,000 15%
   $100,000 or more 10%
 over $ 500,000 negotiable fee

Disclaimer: Please remember the opinions expressed on this blog are my opinions only. I am very opinionated in subject matters I believe I am an expert; insurance and construction. I am active in the litigation process in many states and spend much time on the road and in court.
For references or information on our firm, please email or call.
JUST IN……it appears the insurance carriers are trying to pay between .30 & .50 on the dollar for claims involved in the recent hail storms in the Mid-Atlantic states.


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