Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjuster

Public Adjusters help with your property claimWhen you buy insurance, the claims process sounds very simple: you suffer a loss, file a claim and get your money.

If it really was this simple then there would be no need for a public adjuster.

In general, insurance companies will pay the minimal  amount of money you require to properly restore your property to its original condition. And this is where ProAdjust comes into existence. Being the leading public adjuster in New Jersey, we represent the interests of policy holders who have suffered a  loss. By placing your confidence in us you can make the claims process much easier on yourself. We specialize in residential and commercial insurance claims.

We have over by 30 years of experience and have 5,000 satisfied clients.   We work not only to make claim process smooth and quick for our client but also to maximize their claim. We very well understand what trauma it is to lose your flourishing setup to a horrifying disaster; in such instances fighting for your claim becomes more disturbing and distressing and we aim to lend a helping hand and guarantee you not only a smooth claiming process but peace of mind and higher payout.

So, don’t let your insurance company fool you. Contact us and we will fight for your rights getting you a prompt and fair settlement.

We are just a phone call away and are available 24 hours every day -609-380-1000